Boat Drinks Part 3 – The Big Splash

“May all your drinks be boat drinks with friends.” JD Spradlin, Radio Margaritaville DJ

Greetings from the bar aboard Siar!

We’ve asked the first mate’s brother, Adam, to design a menu of cocktails for the made-up holidays in our boat’s calendar year. Our June celebrations we’ve named “Splash Day” and “Delivery Day.”

June 9th, 2021, Siar “splashed,” meaning she left the factory where she was built, and was lowered into the waters of St. Petersburg, FL. A mere ten days later, we took “delivery,” stepping aboard our completed boat in the harbor for the first time.

To celebrate, we present the “Big Splash,” a gin-based cocktail, with cool and refreshing citrus notes, just in time for summer.

Since Siar was built, splashed, and delivered in Florida, we’re favoring Florida-based ingredients where possible.

Recipe below, with our picks & adaptations for available ingredients.

Some ingredients for the “Big Splash”

The “Big Splash”

1-1/2 oz Gin (our pick = St. Augustine Gin, St. Augustine Distillery)

1-1/2 oz Vermouth Blanc*

1-1/2 oz Orange liqueur (our pick = Tippler’s, St. Petersburg Distillery)

1-1/2 oz Lemon juice, fresh squeezed

Pernod, to rinse the glass*


Instructions: Rinse the inside of the glass(es) with the Pernod, pour out and set aside for later enjoyment. Add the rest of the ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake until well chilled and strain into the prepared glasses. Makes 2 servings, unless it is quite hot outside or you are quite thirsty.

*The original recipe calls for Lillet Blanc, which we were unable to find in Florida. Vermouth Blanc is an acceptable substitute. Even Dry Vermouth can be used, but in that case, cut back the amount by 1/4 ounce.

*The original recipe also calls for an Absinthe rinse, but we found Pernod to be a quite acceptable substitute. Don’t drink the leftover rinse until after you’ve tasted the cocktail!

Galley adaptation: If you’re out of fresh fruit on the boat, as can happen to a sailor, bottled lemon juice can be used. In that case, cut the juice back by about a third, and add a touch more of the sweet orange liqueur.


Bespoke cocktail selection by Adam Neizmik, adapted from the classic “Corpse Reviver 2,” first published in Harry Craddock’s “The Savoy Cocktail Book.”

Many thanks, Adam – there is a full bottle of Tippler’s with your name on it!

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