Gallery – Construction

Just for fun. Some more photos from Siar’s construction: 2020 – 2021. Happy scrolling.

Hull layup
Hull layup
Exterior of the hull, joined to the transom
Ballast in the keel
Siar’s deck in flight
The deck joins the headliner
View from below decks
Fitting out the deck
A little teak trim (Allison enjoys varnishing)
One happy first mate!
Under construction, looking starboard
Pretty pieces, prior to varnish
Cabin sole prior to installation
Almost whole
All put together
Interior trim-out, starboard, looking forward
Interior trim-out, starboard, looking aft
Bow rail added
Ready for her close-up (and nights on the hook)
Stern view, under construction
Stern view, preparing to depart the factory for Launch Day
Stern view, all decked out and ready to sail
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